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My current and planned VR build

Guest RET.Maj.ShadowOp=US=

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Guest RET.Maj.ShadowOp=US=

I'll upate this post with reviews and updates as I continue to upgrade.

Names of Devices are links to their websites.


Most of the items I've already purchased I got at discount.

* - Already own




Planned full build


----Locomotion Device----


Omni-Directional Treadmill:

* Virtuix Omni - $359




----Display Devices----

Head Mounted Display:

Oculus Rift - est. $399

Also has built in head tracking so when you look around so does your




----Gun input devices---- (for shooters)



* Delta Six - $159



Custom Build - Approx. $35

This is going to be a custom build, with a switch that gets triggered when removed from the holster to switch to my pistol.





----Other input Devices----


Standard Controller:

* XBOX 360 Controller - $25


Muscle Controlled Device:

MYO - 2x $150

Used for actions like drawing bow, shooting web (spider man) and other interactions.

General interaction device:

* Razer Hydra - $40 (Will be replaced by STEM below when released)

Used for interacting with objects with hands or also can be used as gun


3 Tracker STEM System - $280





Total Current Cost: $583


Total Planned Cost: $1597

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Guest CI3arrage
As i said in the other thread you made sir, i will stick to the conventional way to exercise and game. However, i am excited for you as it does look cool as hell, but too much money for me. You will have to post a video of you playing the new WWE game when it comes through Sir!!
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Guest RET.Maj.ShadowOp=US=

I might play it for kicks and giggles but not with any expectation of doing well.


The gun tracking hasn't progressed enough to be perfect 1:1 movement and even if it did i think the mouse is a better input devices for gun control.


I'll likely go through the single player on easy and maybe pub about a bit though.

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Think this might be a better alternative to that STEM system, so you're hands free allowing you to carry a gun and still have functionality with your fingers not having to hold a different controller.

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Guest RET.Maj.ShadowOp=US=


Yeah I looked into that when it was live on kickstarter, and luckily I didn't invest in the STEM kickstarter.


There is another coll one here as well:


For all of these I'm going to wait until some consumer models get released to see which one is the best.


The only things I've actually purchased:

delta 6


hydra (it was on super sale)

360 controller


all the rest I'm waiting for consumer releases.

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