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second in soco's series of: CHEAT or neat :)?

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That is garbage, and an example of the complete lack of consideration on the part of dice or ea or whoever is responsible, why do people even get good internet when you are punished for it, this is the very epitome of the thing I experience when I play, and it is discouraging. The only thing I hoped that they would change is even worse now, the client side hit detection is a blue shell that will hit you no matter what they are seeing, so if it takes 800 MS to register damage. Can anyone tell me how many bullets a "supposed" dead person can shoot in that amount of time. This is just like the government nickel and diming us into a numbness. (sry for the rant)



Lol, the rant is O.K. SGT :P Critical discussion is something i was hoping to spark with the video. I agree with a lot of what you said, although to be honest i think the people to blame are EA rather than DICE, even though EA is supposedly being the "hero" now with halting production on other projects to fix BF4. But, alas, much of what i just said is singing the same tune many other members have been saying :p



In addition, i'm sure many of our overseas members have been experiencing some of the same problems due to high ping when playing BF4 if they are playing in North American servers :P and to that I say "FIX THE NETCODE!!" I thought some bad netcode issues i've been experience were bad with 30-40 ping, i can't imagine what some of our 100-200 ping overseas members are experiencing (i feels yah bros)

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