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What do you listen to?

Guest Aristo

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Did a little search but didn't dig up any recent music threads, so here's one! What's your music of choice, and what've you been listening to lately?


I'll start. I like metal - mostly black metal, power metal and death metal; those are my top three varieties. I like atmospheric music and some different world/cultural sounds as well, particularly East Asian and Middle-Eastern. I could listen to movie and game soundtracks for days.

At the moment, I'm listening to Echoes of Battle, an epic/atmospheric black metal album by Caladan Brood.


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Guest RET.1SG.Maysin=US=

I like pretty much anything but Country (sorry Country fans) :P. For me that's everything from symphony/orchestra music to death metal and rap. However, lately i've been into electro, dance, remix kind of stuff.


I like this song particularly right now:


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right now I'm really into Pop! Kinda along those lines, I also like Jumpstyle, Shuffling, Techno music. Every now and then I put on Country for a change. :)

Get Lucky

Feel This Moment

Drive By

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Guest RET.Maj.ShadowOp=US=
I like a little Ray Stevens:


The Streak:

Mississippi Squirrel Revival:

Shriner's Convention:

Obamanation: (POLITICAL - listen at your own risk)



wow, i haven't listened to ray stevens in quite a while. I find his stuff amusing but like Weird Al Yankovic, its the kid of stuff I can listen to once or rarely but not really "listen to". Probably that way with any satire music really for me at least.

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