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Issues with TeamSpeak ingame over-lay

Guest awfultyming

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Guest awfultyming

I was having some problems on my own getting the overlay to work and I found this and I worked well for me. If there is a better place I should post this please let me know.





How to make Teamspeak 3 Overlay work with Battlefield 3

Doesn't work well with just enabling it from menus so this is how I got it to work always.


Go to menu

settings / plugins or press Ctrl + Shift + P


select teamspeak 3 overlay plugin and click settings


untick disable loading if its ticked


on bottom you see this


"your configuration and log files are located here"


(click it) and it will open a folder


open file config_user.ini


scroll all down and add this line on the bottom






close it and save, voilá its done, should always be working from now on,

you can personalize it, make font bigger and move it to another location just check menu options, up to you.


Ctrl + T in game to move menus, chat, etc to a better place.

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