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Suggestions on what may be the issue

Guest Ret.Maj.Xander=US=

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Guest Ret.Maj.Xander=US=

Pretty sure I think I know what the issue is, but wanted to get people's feedback....


Over the past week or so my computer has been acting a bit off. Normally when I got home from work I would just hit the mouse or spacebar to wake it up and it would come up no worries, happy gaming. The past few days it would wake up but nothing on my monitors, so I had to do a manual power off/on.


That fixed it for a few days but then earlier this week that no longer worked, I took everything out and put it back in except all my RAM, I then put one stick of ram in at a time to see if I had a bad one. That seemed to be it because when I inserted one specific stick then it wouldn't boot but removing it and it booted.


Then yesterday....nothing. I could see my mobo and peripherals were getting power, but the computer wouldn't boot. I removed and unplugged everything from the mobo except the CPU and the two power cables (24 pin and 6 pin) that goes directly to the motherboard. From my Computer Warehouse days I learned thats all a computer needed to boot up. But still no luck for me.


So its basically down to three possible things: CPU, Mobo, Power Supply. I'm pretty sure its the mobo even though I couldn't see any busting caps or burns on the board itself. CPU's normally don't break and like I said the power supply seemed to be giving off power fine.


Luckily I have a brand new mobo with my CPU's socket left at my parents house, I bought it before my current mobo but decided to use my ASUS one and never got to return the Gigabyte one. So once I get my hands on that I will try it out and see if my hypothesis is correct.


I tried putting my GTX 470 in my MicroATX case that I use for my media center (and it worked!) but unfortunately I learned that going into a BF3 game tries to pull too much power and that computer shuts down. Unfotunately the biggest power supply I could find on newegg that would fit in a microATX case was 380 watts, which is about 200 watts lower than the suggested power supply for that graphics card.


Long story short, my main computer is dead, looks like the mobo bit it. I have a backup that I am using but cannot play BF3 on it. Hopefully I can get my other mobo soon and see if that was indeed the problem otherwise I'll probably be looking for a new power supply.

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