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Guest killophile






Hello fellow Unknown Soldiers,

I am here to tell you about a project a couple of people and I have been working on for a couple of months. Let me start off by showing you the plot which was written by dimidrus one of the crew members for this project:



The year is 2013. The Middle East Coalition dissoluted after the NATO-MEC conflict. The North-West territory of Iran, including Tehran, is occupied by NATO forces. Economic and Political crisis is shaking Russia and the members of the Commonwealth of Independent States. Devaluation forces the people into the streets. The number of terror acts has doubled.



Oposition, funded by an undercover organisation created by ex GRU agents, grows large and provokes the governments of the CIS to use force. In the first two weeks of February the governments of the commonwealth have been overthrown in a coup d'état. The new Russian president Andrey Branovitsky declares a radical domestic and foreign policy. The Alliance of Independent Socialist Republics is formed in November 2013. Most former CIS members join it including Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan.







In 2014, the AISR starts supplying Iran with weapons. The UN sanctions against Moscow. The Republic of West Iran is formed and becomes a protectorate of NATO. In response to that, Russia triples the gas export price for non AISR members which leads to economic crisis in the EU. By December, 6 more countries join the AISR.



2014 passes, 2015 begins. The Trans-Caspian pipeline is finished. EU's dependence on Russian-controlled energy is greatly reduced. Iran grows stronger and reestablishes the MEC ,with it's temporary HQ on the Sharqi Peninsula. The AISR sends it's generals to Iran as consultants. The US doubles it's military contingent in the Baltic States and West Iran. In response to that, the AISR mobilizes it's forces on the Azerbaijan border. Russian Airborne Infantry deploys In East Iran. AISR and MEC forces practice maneuvers near Mashad.



US president Sudz and US General Jenner meet in secret. Both have come to a conclusion that such rapid development of the AISR is becoming a Major threat to US influence in Europe and the Middle East. They have also discussed that MEC's invasion of West Iran is very possible, and that Moscow is clearly involved. In April 2015, the NATO Council agrees to deploy a large force in West Iran. As the Pressure rises, both sides mobilize their forces at the border ready to launch an all-out war on each other.



As you can see, it will be a movie filmed in Battlefield 3 and for that we will need the support of you all. The script shall be coming around holiday time and after a couple of tweaks we shall begin the filming.



Now I would like to know whos up for participating to this project, if you are up for it simply reply to this topic and I will get to you asap.



We might also need to use the practice server to film the movie, so if I could get an agreement to use it for filming it would be much appreciated.



Thanks a lot!

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Guest iScopEzZz

Hey guys!


So I was watching this video from d0n7bl1nk, some guy who makes BF3 videos blabla.


Anyway, this video in particular (

) I suddenly get a suprise at around 1:46


Just go take a look ^^




EDIT: Miyamoto was also there apperently, dont know if this might be shot on our server.

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Guest Seiph3r

Amazing how the opposing team concentrated their manpower on holding that tower... easy pickins... lol

Congrtz on best supporting actors Subo and Miyamoto :)

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Guest miyamotogL
I remember that round, mainly from him killing me 3 times in about 30 seconds at the veteran's retreat. I believe we were flying around in the transpo-chopper for the later part of the round.
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