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Guest deadlychimp

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Guest deadlychimp

Hi =US=


As some of you may know, I'm DeadlyChimp from http://www.1000fraggers.com


Just want to say first off, thanks to all the members that have already signed up and we hope you like the site!


I have popped on to give you all a bit of an update.


The Battle Arena is due to go live in the up and coming weeks and will be an exciting new addition to the site. It will allow

all clans that have signed up to the site to compete in ladder matches. Just in case you were wondering, yes its for all platforms.


Also there are new features on 1000fraggers, just to name a few.


- Photo Albums - That you can make public or just share with your friends.


- Gaming Events - For members to organise Matches, training, tournaments or anything you need to let other members know about!


- Gaming Chatroom's - An unlimited amount of people can chat with each other about tech support, clan matches, or what ever you feel like talking about.


- 1000fraggers TS - Come on to TeamSpeak and have a chat, all opinions and ideas are welcome, maybe just have a game with us all.


- 1337Fm - The Ultimate gaming radio, streamed straight to 1000fraggers.com with a song request function.


Also soon to be released 1000Fraggers.tv.


The site has now been moved over to our new Dedicated Box and runs smoother and faster than ever.


1000fraggers.com is a public site so you can view it at any time, but if you would like to participate in clan matches on the Battle Arena or on Gaming Events

sign up to the site and become a member of your clan on fraggers.


thanks for your time.




1000fraggers.com Comm's Admin

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Who's this guy eh?? :D


Hopefully everyone who hasn't signed up already will! We are still (barely) the highest rostered clan on here with 39 members. I know we have much more than this :)





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Guest Darkveg

Capturing and maintaining an Objective while being surrounded sustaining heavy fire.

Panamal Canal

Players: 8+ preferably 10+

1 Squad protecting Obj B 1 or more squads attacking Obj B

20 mins to 60 mins (depends on success of defenders) Preferred two turns each side, To get the feel of it.

Every Kit suggested.

Ok, Marines lets do a real server simulation no rules for the attackers. The objective is to capture and HOLD B for as long as possible, the opposing team will attempt to FLANK, SURROUND, AND CAPTURE your point, explosive ordnance is encouraged and will be use to strip your cover and take your objective.

Defenders are at a clear disadvantage, if they do not communicate properly and spot, use gayballs, anything in your arsenal to keep the objective as long as possible, they will be destroyed.

All respawns are ok HOWEVER, the ATTACKING TEAM MAY NOT spawn on squad. ONLY DEFENDERS can spawn on squad. So it is encouraged for attackers to capture A and defenders to Capture C or D so if the whole defending squad is decimated there is still a chance of recovery.
Ironsights only, unless recon.

The exercise ends when the attackers change the flag to their own flag. This is a survival setup, Lets hold it down till the tickets are out.

Here is a small Layout of the map and some ideas where Attackers and defenders can roam. Let me know what you think. Hopefully what this exercise will accomplish is thinking on your feet and using teamwork and learning the usefulness of all kits.


Zoomed in


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