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Hello =US= Interested in a Black Ops tournament?

Guest Th3Nick

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Guest Th3Nick

I am the leader of the 1st Cavalry Division and I am going around to fellow clans that play Black Ops. I don't know if you guys do but check us out anyway.


"If your clan plays Call of Duty Black Ops we welcome you to join our first Pay to Play Black Ops tournament.


Game Mode: Capture the Flag,Search and Destroy, and Demolition (Normal Black Ops -- NOT HARDCORE)


Why CTF?: We feel that CTF is a better game mode option over Search and Destroy. Black Ops is a fast paced game mode, and there are significant bugs with Search and Destory (sound issues) The maps are smaller and CTF based, and from a spectator standpoint CTF is rather intense.


Targeted number of teams: 20


Entry Fee(per player): $5.00 USD


Map List:

Round 1: Grid - Demolition

Round 2: WMD - CTF

Round 3: Cracked - SD

Round 4: Radiation - CTF


Round 5: Villa (Tie Breaker) -- Each team will choose their preferred map and game mode

Round 6: Cracked (Tie Breaker) -- Each team will choose their preferred map and game mode



Killstreaks: NO

Custom Classes: YES

Perks: YES

Attachments: YES

Equipment: NO


To Sign up for the tournament: http://challonge.com/tournament/signup/v6x75ibjsd

To Pay for the tournament: https://www.paypal.com/us/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_flow&SESSION=muyn9OXoZuOBSCvGQZLmHtrmjzA-2qOwbzQ8PSHjvsky0rw0JhaUdgMPs48&dispatch=50a222a57771920b6a3d7b606239e4d529b525e0b7e69bf0224adecfb0124e9b61f737ba21b081989d7b3fa81b78a538876be5242719f13f



1st Place: $150

2nd Place: $100

3rd Place: $50


Payments to your team captain will be completed promptly after your match victory.



Once 20 paid teams are signed up the tournament dates will be posted.


1st Cav will support a team.


Thank you and good luck!"


our web page: http://forums.1stcav-clan.us/showthread.php?324-1st-Cavalry-Division-5v5-Black-Ops-Pay-to-Play-Tournament

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Guest RET.SSgt.Haterade=US=
I honestly don't think we have more than 10 members who are active with that game unfortunately. But we all play BC2, if you ever have a BC2 tourney.
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