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PERSCOM: New Application From Yuvraj Batth


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Yuvraj Batth

Submitted 10/30/2022 08:17 PM
  • Name Yuvraj Batth
  • Email ****@****
  • Timezone America/Edmonton
  • Country Canada

Additional Application Fields

  • All Clan Games Escape from Tarkov
    Call of Duty: Warzone or Vanguard
    Battlefield 2042
  • Primary Game Escape from Tarkov
  • In-Game Name(s) Aspectski (Tarkov)
    Aspect (Call of Duty)
    ThatOneAspect (Battlefield)
  • Discord ID Aspectski#2846
  • Geographical Location *****, Edmonton, Canada
  • Age 14
  • Where did you hear about Unknown Soldiers? I was playing Tarkov when I killed Pineapple and I asked if I can play with him and he sent me an the UNKSO discord link
  • Why do you want to join =US=? I want to join UNKSO because I want to be something more and help out a former clan member. I've only been in this clan for 4 months now and those last 4 months have been the best for me because I always been lonely when I first got my PC but when I joined UNKSO I made memories that will never leave me. I know that I don't match the Age Restrictions but I could love the chance.
  • Can you attend our weekly meetings? Yes
  • Do you have a working microphone? Yes
  • Can you attend clan practices and boot camps, follow the chain of command and actively participate on the forums and Discord? Yes
  • Escape from Tarkov Practice I can sometimes attend
  • Call of Duty Warzone Practice N/A - Not applying for this game
  • BF2042 Practice N/A - Not applying for this game
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We appreciate your interest in joining, but our current membership policy requires applicants to be at least 18 years old at the time they apply, so we cannot approve your submission at this time.  Apologies.

"The hard-headed have to feel it to believe it...." ~ Nas

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