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Charlie Company Awards and Promotions 09SEP2022

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PV2.scorpion0220=US= has met the requirements and TIG to be promoted to E-3 Private First Class


PV2.scorpion0220=US= has met the requirements to receive the E-2 BCT Ribbon


SPC.Ginger=US= will be receiving the Air Medal Award. SPC.Ginger has shown to be a reckon of force when in the air. Without him in the air during stressful battles our boots on the ground would more than likely lose engagements.


SPC.Ruta12=US= will be receiving the Expeditionary Medal. SPC.Ruta12 has always done what was best to sway the fight in his teams favor. SPC.Ruta12 always is looking around his surroundings to ensure where the enemy is fully engage in and makes coordinated attacks and defense to ensure the victory is the only outcome.


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