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Alpha Company Awards and Promotions, 26 August 2022

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Alpha Company Awards and Promotions





RT.CrocsNGlockz has met all requirements and time-in-grade to be promoted to Private/E-1 and is awarded the E-0 BCT Ribbon



PFC.TehCrimson is awarded the Conduct Commendation Award

On 18 August 2022 during the UNKSO "The Pit" Tournament, PFC.TehCrimson showed an admirable dedication to clan function by participating in the tournament when his original intention was to attend and support the other competitors.  PFC.TehCrimson not only participated but won the tournament.  He continues to use his knowledge of the in-game market and depth of experience to assist players in generating in-game revenue so they may thrive and excel.  PFC.TehCrimson's devotion to the betterment of his clanmates is a testament to his dedication to the clan and reflects great credit upon himself and his in keeping with the highest traditions of the Clan Unknown Soldiers.

"The hard-headed have to feel it to believe it...." ~ Nas

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