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Bravo Company Awards and Promotions 14JAN2022

Guest MAJ.Spartan-S63=US=

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Guest MAJ.Spartan-S63=US=

[align=center]Bravo Company Promotions


@PV2.d1sc0nnected=US= has met requirements and TIG to be promoted to E-2 PV2




@PFC.Raavan007=US= has met requirements and TIG to be promoted to E-3 PFC




Bravo Company Awards



@PV2.d1sc0nnected=US= has met requirements to be awarded the E-1 BCT Ribbon



@PFC.Raavan007=US= has met the requirements to be awarded the E-2 BCT Ribbon


@PFC.Boostacus=US= to be awarded the Army Service Award.



In recognition to his service to Bravo Company, SFC.Boostacus is being awarded the Army Service Award. He was initially pushed into leadership by Upper Command, but he ran with the challenge and thrived. He brought in countless outstanding members and built a nascent company that will continue to grow and stand the test of time. His priorities have shifted, thus requiring him to take a step back, but he'll be missed as a leader within Bravo Company. I hope to see him ascend, once again, into leadership someday. Thank you for all that you've done for Bravo Company and I look forward to the future.


@PFC.PaulHxB=US= to be awarded the Army Service Award.





PFC.PaulHxB is to receive the Army Service Award for his work and contributions to Bravo Company and to the clan as a whole. PFC.PaulHxB has gone above and beyond what we could expect any member to do in the persistence of ensuring that information is easy to find, clearly presented and accurate for both Recruits and Veteran members alike. He has put in countless hours towards this effort, and it has not gone unnoticed.

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