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Reserves Promotions and Awards 19FEB2021

Guest RET.CPT.Vogts=US=

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Guest RET.CPT.Vogts=US=

[align=center]Reserves Promotions



RT.HappySpartan and RT.DrunkenPotato have completed their TIG and all requirements to be promoted to E-1 Private.





This member has been the other hand of our work to build the Squad Branch. His dedication and readiness to do what needs done for the branch and the clan are unwaivering. He is always motivated to play and ready to take on new tasks that may be presented to him. In preparation for future tasks and in gratitude to the work he has already done, I am pleased to promote PFC.SaintNick to the rank of Specialist, E-4.






Reserves Awards



RT.HappySpartan and RT.DrunkenPotato are to be awarded their E-0 BCT Ribbon and the National Defense Service Award.







PFC.SaintNick to be awarded the E-3 AIT Ribbon.




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