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Reserves Promotions and Awards 05FEB2021

Guest RET.CPT.Vogts=US=

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Guest RET.CPT.Vogts=US=

[align=center]Reserves Promotions[/align]

@RT.Happ=US= has completed his TIG and all requirements to be promoted to E-1 Private.




This member has been helpful in every aspect of building up what is needed for the Squad Branch to work properly. From behind the scenes paperwork to working out and fleshing out BCT Programs to recruiting efforts and training. I would like to reward this members work and dedication and promote @PFC.3lmo=US= to the rank of Specialist, E-4.




Reserves Awards


@RT.Happ=US= is to be awarded their E-0 BCT Ribbon




@PFC.3lmo=US= has completed his E-3 AIT at a previous time and is hereby awarded the E-3 AIT Ribbon.




Throughout their hard work and dedication towards building up the squad branch and continued efforts to flesh out our BCT's and Trainings, these two members have continued to show excellent conduct with members wanting to learn the game and interested in Squad, aswell as in contact with potential recruits be it in-game or on discord. For their continued work and their conduct, I would like to award @PFC.SaintNick=US= and @PFC.3lmo=US= with the Good Conduct Award.



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