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Reserves Promotions and Awards 19JUN2020

Guest RET.CPT.Vogts=US=

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Guest RET.CPT.Vogts=US=




RT.JudgeMatty has met all requirements and TIG and is to be promoted to E-1 PVT.







RT.JudgeMatty is to receive the National Defense Service Award




SPC.Zain'ul-Abdin is to receive the Civilian Service Award


During the time of low motivation from myself' date=' SPC Zain has provided leadership and support in recruiting in ways I cannot imagine. I was struggling to get people into our Recruitment offices and even getting people to look at our Corporation in Eve. SPC Zain stepped up and helped me fix discrepancies in our recruiting ads which immediately proved extremely effective. As little as 2 days after we sat down, discussed, and executed changes, we were overwhelmed with new recruits to the corporation in-game as well as picked up some new recruits in the clan itself. We went from 2 - 5 members online throughout the day to now peaking at 20 accounts online in about 2 weeks. It is safe to say that without SPC Zain?s help, we would not be in the same position as we are in today. I am looking forward to our continued growth and our soon to be a branch in the Unknown Soldiers.[/quote']




PFC.L1quidSn4ke is to receive the Civilian Service Award


Despite battling real-life responsibilities' date=' PFC L1quidSn4ke has actively participated in recruiting in all forms; both in and out of the game. PFC L1quidSn4ke is the one who would post our Ads in the recruitment chats in the game as well as the Eve Discords and Forums. This amazing effort from PFC L1quidSn4ke, in combination with SPC Zain?s help with changes to the wording of the ads themselves, has brought to our doorsteps dozens of new potential recruits. His motivated efforts to finding our new recruits have not only helped increase our daily activity as a Corporation but also helped line us new possible diplomacies for future goals of the corp. I am looking forward to your continued motivation and happy that you are part of the team to lead the corp to success.[/quote']






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