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Car Talk - Who in here is a gearhead?

Guest Shades

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Guest Shades

Just as the subject suggests, I'm curious about who else around here enjoys working on cars. Personally, I prefer my JDM cars. I currently drive a 2014 Subaru BRZ with these installed:


INJEN short ram

Tomei Expreme UEL headers

NVIDIA N1 catback

Open Flash Tuning (stage 2 due to headers and intake)

Greddy stage 2 clutch

Jack's Transmission performance trans build

Single piece aluminum driveshaft

lightweight pulleys (all of them)

VERUS Engineering AOS

I forget what I did for the wheels and I can't be bothered to go out and check the measurements right now.


I've also done some quality of life improvements inside as well such as custom shift knob, boots, aftermarket radio, subs, etc.


So let me know, what else do you all drive or work on?



RT zShades=US=


P.S. If I messed up any company's names, I apologize. I've been up for almost 24 hours now due to work-related dumpster fires. Cheers!


Edit: I don't intend for any of this to come off as a brag. I'm simply trying to explain to other car folks what I've done thus far that's noteworthy :)

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Guest Karval

I own a 07 Mustang GT. Most of the work is suspension. Like Lowered, with better traction arms, sways, camber alignment kits (to fix the lowering issue where you can't achieve certain degrees you find standard). In terms of performance, I removed the Variable air control inside the intake manifold. Upgraded to CAI. Got a Exedy Stage 2 clutch setup. Bigger brakes, Bigger Throttle body, downgraded the size rear gears (For future turbo project) and upgraded the exhaust. Im sure there is thousands of other things I forgot to mention though.



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Guest Shades

You just reminded me that I have Tien's on my car lol. I do have airlift in the garage waiting to be installed, but I'm waiting for a few more parts to come in. I'm looking to run an extra battery out of my trunk (I already removed the standard liner and rear seat to install hard wood) to run my air suspension and extra stuff off it. That also reminds me that I have demon eyes and underglow because #ricelife. At least there's one other.


What's your next upgrade/project looking like?

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