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Change your TTS in Teamspeak to sound Natural!

Guest ARCmedic

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Guest ARCmedic



TTS Salli


Why replace your current TTS voice with a new one?


- Replace the robotic voice with a natural, real sounding voice WHILE keeping the TTS function!

- Clean up the TTS rules so that the TTS isnt so lengthy

(example: "ARCmedic has entered your channel, Open Lobby 1, on Server, Unknown Soldiers." into "ARCmedic has entered your Channel")

- TTS Voice doesnt overlap itself, so words are clear and understandable even when in a firefight[/align]




 Directions:[color=#FF0000]This seems like a lot but its not. I wrote this out for people who dont fully understand computers. All you are doing is installing, adding a file, and selecting a new Character for your computers TTS system[/color]First We need to Install Salli:1. Install TTS Salli (The Voice at installation is not Salli!)2. Go to your TeamSpeak Install Location (Example: C:\Program Files\TeamSpeak 3 Client)3. Go into Sound Foler4. Open Default_Speech5. Place and Overwrite Settings.iniNow We Need to have your computer select Salli:1. Open up your start menu2. In search bar type: Speech Recognition3. Click on Change Text to Speech Settings4. Use the Drop Down Menu where Microsoft Anna is5. Select IVONA 2 SalliNow Open up Teamspeak and make sure you have your sound pack set to Text to Speech.There you go! Enjoy!



Download Here

Download Size is 238mb


I feel very accomplished from putting this all together. I really hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. There is an Acknowledgement file that authorizes this use of IVONA Salli inside the Zip file.

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