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Critical OpenSSL bug


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I dont claim to be techy with this side of things, but it seems there's a bug that opens wide the cryptographic software library Open SSL, for anyone with knowledge to steal all sorts of information and not leave a trace that it has been stolen.


They are obviously aware of this bug and are patching it with a hot fix, but they report that many hacks could have already taken place, so once that patch is released it is suggested to change your passwords on all your websites.

Since this software is run on an estimated 2/3's of the internet it isnt entirely false to assume you may be a victim.


Again I dont know specifics, just came accross this article and a few others and thought everyone should be made aware since this could impact everyone!

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Guest PFC.Hawkeye366=US=

Good link General

Being in the IT support services field I would like to advise you all as I do my clients.

I have already answered more than 50 emails or phone calls about this already

If you access one of the affected sites do not change the pw to that site until it is patched.


The link the General provided shows many of the commonly visited sites.

Please look at it carefully and use good judgement.

If you do change your passwords make sure you change it completely.

Do not use variations of the previous one.

Always use a combination of symbols,letters and numbers.

Remember the longer the pw the harder it is to crack but also to remember.

Do not forget to hard copy them and store them in a safe location in the home not the office.

If you use a password locker type of software or app make sure that pw for that app is not the same as any password used for anything else.

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Guest RET.Maj.ShadowOp=US=



You can use this to check websites that you use that are not on the list, if the website is vulnerable change the password to something temporary that you do not plan on actually using, then when the site becomes secure change it once again to something permanent.


And for anyone with a FedEx accounts no need to worry, we weren't affected ;D

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