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Warhammer Thread!

Guest Werewolf

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Guest Werewolf

Hey everyone, I play both Warhammer 40k and Warhammer Fantasy. These are both tabletop wargames involving miniatures. I just felt like posting some of my minis here so you can all get an idea of what some of these minis look like if anyone is interested in starting an army. These have all been painted by me and I'm not a great painter but I do my best. Keep in mind that you can paint these in whatever color scheme you choose.



Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf from the Space Wolves chapter of Space Marines (40k)


Crisis Suit from Tau (40k)


Dark Elf Corsair from Dark Elves (Fantasy)


Dark Elf Assassin from Dark Elves (Fantasy)


Dark Eldar jetbike converted to be an Eldar Farseer on jetbike (Dark Eldar model, 40k)


Dark Eldar Archon (40k)


Daemon Prince from Chaos Warriors (Fantasy)


Bloodletter on Juggernaut from Chaos Warriors (Fantasy)

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Guest Halabrad

I used to play 40k, fantasy, as well as Lord of the Rings tabletop that Games Workshop used to sell (I used to go to the Games Workshop at my local mall 3-5 days a week for years when I was younger). My painting skills have gotten better over time, but still nowhere near as good as yours LCpl. I used to have Necrons and Chaos Marines for 40k, but I couldnt seem to find them today :/



Empire Steam Tank (Fantasy)



2nd view of Steam Tank



my first painted mini! never got around to finishing it though. Gondorian Swordsman (LOTR)




these are at the peak of my painting skills. A local game shop had a contest for the best 10 man unit, so thats why only a few are totally built/painted. Empire Swordsman (Fantasy)

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Guest RET.Maj.ShadowOp=US=

I've been trying to motivate to start painting for a while now. I bought a chaos space marine squad but its still sitting un-assembled in a box.



I really need to get something made as the north American Warhammer distribution facility is 10 mins from my apt.


They have 15-20 professionally built tables you can rent for free and play as well as free painting classes and all kinds of junk....just gotta motivate hehehe.

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Guest Werewolf

20 years wow, I've only been playing since 2008. What armies do you play captain?


And 1stLt that's awesome I didn't know they offered those services, most of the GW related stories I hear are horror-stories.

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