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Windows 7 Cleaning

Guest RhinoTech

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Guest RhinoTech



Just recently I had my SSD 128GB get filled to capacity, when it is the drive your OS uses it means processing comes to a screeching halt. Using WinDirStat to analyze the folders in a visual representation allowed me to recognize that TS3 Overlay had created a Main.EXE file... that was 30GB large. This I deleted quickly without any fanfare. The next item to be 86'd was a folder called WinSXS. This is where all the system components are stored (updates), but the old stuff doesn't get deleted. So the folder just gets larger until pop, my drive filled up. Using Disk Cleanup allowed me to shrink that monstrosity of a folder into something more manageable.


As a friendly reminder, it might be time to check your space & scrape the barnacles off the hull, if you will. Here is the link I found which helped me clean my winsxs folder, and the link to windirstat.


Thank you,


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